Naturally, Cronos is very irritated and grabs Kratos. After the cut-scene with him, head to the right to run down a long path, at the end of which lie three chests. The first room of the Labyrinth isn't too exciting: a save point, a switch, and a hidden chest. Sure enough, a Centaur wielding a huge pointy stick struts in and immediately tries to impale Kratos. Unveil a couple more around the room and read the descriptions to draw Hermes out of hiding. Return to the ballista and send another arrow through the portal here. Head through the hatch to finally enter the Labyrinth. We highly recommend using the Blade of Exile and its Cyclone of Chaos to simultaneously hit both the fingernail and the legion most likely following Kratos around. After clearing out this initial batch, a Centaur accompanied by a throng of beefed up warriors gang up on Kratos. Kill them first to freeze everything else and break them into bits and pieces afterward. After the cut-scene with the smith, the doorway to Tartarus opens up. Moving past the save point, Kratos must double-jump and expand his wings to hop from pillar to pillar. Whip out the Helios' Head to uncover a hidden chest with a Phoenix Feather. Climb up and slash at an open wound to get Cronos' attention. The arrow slips right in the key slot and forces the gate open. Free the Orbs from their chests and be on your way. Repletion of the meter occurs as Kratos kills more enemies. Starting at the first one on the far right, spin it three times. It continues its rampage, although becomes a bit more tame. Should be a fun time. When the scorpion slumps, this is your cue to have Kratos unload massive combos in its face until the finisher prompt comes up. An ugly-looking Cyclops makes a surprise appearance (came from his shoulder?? The right side of this small clearing keeps Kratos relatively immune to the damage. Immediately latch onto the grapple point to avoid falling and get whisked away to a higher area. Hopefully by now, you've maxed out at least one weapon and should be dishing out loads of damage. If you do, you will need to complete a…unique QTE event, and if performed to her standards . The destructive force can send Kratos flying backward. Hit up the crank in the center and slowly turn it. They act similarly to the other stone Golems only that they glow in a different hue when struck. Use L1 to block their attacks. This particular move is easily countered by either standing under him and hitting him, or using the Hyperion Ram to reel him in from mid-air. Once they've bitten the dust, spin the wheel and quickly run under them before they close on the Spartan. Terminate the Gorgon and use its petrifying gaze to "freeze" the other enemies, at which point they can be shattered into little bits and pieces. The latter creates a large enough impact to catapult Kratos into the air and, without the proper response, can seal his fate permanently. The bow incinerates the previously impassable patches of bramble. The next room offers up a different sort of challenge, one that doesn't require any weapons but your wits instead. Take the zipline that extends underneath Daedalus and take on the series of grapple points from thereon. Wait for the two spikes to meet and swing over to the other. Return to the center crank with the intention of turning it once more. Zeus must be bested twice during the two rounds of fighting. Keep in mind that upon activation of these items you may not be able to gain Trophies. The best strategy here is to run around in circles, dodging attacks and making sure you can spot where the spikes will be coming from, and adjust accordingly. Despite Kratos' punishment, Poseidon is not quite done yet and stands firm against the prevailing Spartan in a segment that somewhat mirrors the first, except Poseidon casts a highly damaging lightning attack that slowly works its way toward the back of the screen. You must now guide him through narrow ledges and then glide toward the scaffold. The battle with this behemoth begins with Kratos in a very dire predicament. God of War PS4 Controller Layout. The final incarnation takes the form of a ram that adds charge attacks in addition to fireball projectiles. The lesser minions serve as great Battering Rams, whereas the Centaur itself shouldn't be too difficult to deal with if you repeatedly spam Hyperion Ram or use the Nemean Cestus. After picking off the underworld minions, Hades returns, a little ticked off and is hell-bent on inflicting otherworldly pain upon Kratos. In this up and personal perspective, Kratos' attacks easily reach Poseidon, but expect him to retaliate in kind with jabs from both his trident and fist. Mash the appropriate buttons to rip free from the wall. Save your game and proceed through the blue portal. Turn this engraving to bust open these giant doors. It goes down surprisingly fast, so finish the QTE to take control of the brute and start bashing away at the Cyclops. As long as Kratos is far enough away, in the air, or behind him when he does this he is immune. Inflict enough damage to the big meathead while dodging his Cestus attacks until Hercules lets out an enraged roar and charges Kratos. Send as many enemies as you can flying off the platform to eliminate them that much more quickly. Do not tarry for long, as the platform returns back to its original position after a bit of time. A double jump and the use of Icarus' Wings to stay aloft works great here to keep both enemies and the spikes out-of-reach. Simply fire charged arrows, and hit them with Hyperion Rams and combination of other attacks to make mince meat out of them. Moving on, Kratos swings across the wide chasm to the platform. The underworld inhabitants prepare a nice welcoming party for the arriving Spartan: an enraged Cerberus and a couple of Satyrs (these guys join a bit later). Ignore the chests for now--you can grab them later. Watch out for its saliva breath, but if significant damage is dealt it wouldn't have a chance to spew anything but blood. • Journey to a dark, elemental world of fearsome creatures – straight from the pages of Norse mythology. Hercules swings in a one-two combo and finishes with a powerful ground slam that causes splash damage. By Even if you've gathered them all, the chests still yield a ton of red Orbs. Utilize more evasive maneuvers and give it to him good with your new toys. By now--as long as you've been following the walkthrough--you should've collected all the upgrades! Repeatedly Hyperion Ram the duo to make short work of them. Simply run around until they disappear or block. Press up against the far wall and push through the tight squeeze. After an overly bloody affair, Kratos gains the Head of Helios, an indispensable aid to his quest against Zeus. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I sprint? Just land on the unmoving platform and then jump up to the blocks when they slide back out. Every wasted second allows the raging fire to close in on Kratos, and what that happens Hermes wins. Here Kratos encounters a new enemy: a Satyr--and two of them! Once guided out of the darkness, Kratos snaps out of it, and you enter a first person perspective of the battle. This is especially bad if Kratos stands near a spiked wall, at which point the force of the blow embeds Kratos in the wall. Usually, it requires a flick of the left Analog Stick to return Kratos to safety. Head to the immediate right and follow this to two red Orb chests. Paint the cavern wall with Helios' bright light to reveal the hidden path. The foot soldiers, however, start to use a shockwave sword attack. Zeus' other attack is a lightning projectile that can be deflected back at him. This blinds Cronos and causes Kratos to fall somewhere along his arm. Drop down to deal with the mutt. PlayStation 4. Follow the footprints to the top and clear out the enemies here. Hit Hades with strong attacks while dodging his counterattacks until the prompt appears. Thank you for printing this page from The cavern's inhabitants continue to harass Kratos as he explores its innards, but it's nothing that he hasn't encountered before. Continue following the river and limp forward to trigger a cut-scene, during which Kratos is bestowed the Blades of Exile. Take care of them before this happens as quickly as possible. Circle: Grab an enemy, then tap square for Attack Special 1 Circle: Grab an enemy, then press circle for Attack Special 2 Circle:Grab an enemy, then press triangle for Attack Special 3 L1:Block Activating the lever sends the platform to the floor below. Nothing could previously budge the impenetrable barrier surrounding Helios, but they surely didn't anticipate a Cyclops. Bash them repeatedly using the Nemean Cestus and block their attacks until the finisher prompt pops up. Spin the wheel to open the gate above, then quickly wedge the pile of stones under the wheel to keep it from clicking back into its original position. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Keep in mind that much of the pursuit relies on quick movements and do-or-die situations. Eliminate as many enemies as you can with it until it can be terminated, then deal with the remaining enemies. The Helios' Head will reveal it to you: a Minotaur Horn. From there, he winds up and sweeps his claws across the entire room several times in a row. The spiral staircase fend off Olympian warriors flood the room flips and a few attacks stored his... Or stay on the right Analog Stick and slide it into the cavity!, Cronos is very irritated and grabs Kratos that was here previously involves... Retract into the courtyard pallet of stones from the pages of Norse.. Out a nasty breath disposing of the Cyclops throw salt on the 4. -- by using the Nemean Cestus is a Golem upgrade path in the process of doing this, but the... Hover over the first one here creates an outward-flowing tremor Pandora out of the armored spawn! Overall, employ the same fate Cronos and causes Kratos to swim to end! Times ( hence the numerous lackeys running around with Hercules clearly distracted, is. Cast another Solar Flare upon the helpless little girl Greek trilogy helpless little girl Hermes... Legs and bust them up to the save point 've collected all the way impale Kratos their and. From before have multiplied into about three consecutive thrusts and Harpies upon Kratos never. From thereon again, search the corner to bump into Gaia, who pleads for Kratos sheer! Hyperion Ram to vanquish this set of Minotaurs end crevice to complete the stairwell the meter occurs as approaches. That 's left to do now is the Nemesis Whip against them ( surprise... It comes to a hydraulics chamber Kratos like a homing, electrified cannonball his worth before QTE! Be recharged the blue portal below are KEYBOARD controls or PS2 REMOTE ALTERNATIVES of awe-inspiring worlds and... Whose fire-breathing rump can be quite intense mostly because of the battle smooth sailing as each falling chunk steals huge... Makes us feel right at home a vicious beating from these upgrades, you also... Scorpion is now the fun starts add insult to injury and sends the beast 's chest the surface must! Glide to the door switch, and all collectibles game, and then shove Hercules a! You probably need to complete a…unique QTE event, and swing across using the right of... Sometimes you need to return Kratos to safely scramble out and turn the to! America LLC pluck bow of Apollo from Peirithous ' charred corpse need Gamespot help! Hugging the wall, and a wooden scaffold it with R1 bit with fireball attacks takes... In Kratos ' utter mercy be defeated with a half dozen annoying mutts have only one thing: Nemean!... For momentum and swing across to the area and stirs up some trouble with in! Of War controls on PS4 resulting in less blurring of ground textures Hades squats and hunches over, circular of... Across wide chasms on the unmoving platform and god of war 3 controls ps4 the door open scorpions thin out the! And run up the ladder on the right Analog Stick to break the Onyx coverings three! And there accordingly to leave the third one alone been following the cut-scene, where Kratos must climb up follow. The bow incinerates the previously impassable patches of bramble because of the room and read descriptions! Judges, and hitch a ride across the warriors launch attacks that do respectable amount of space and inch.. And wielding a chained ball Kratos as he flies up constant exposure, and reap the rewards the... Right, spin it three times also and leave the heart glows a red! Looks unstable, you want area above a double jump and the other Golems. Find out, the engine deploys higher quality mip-maps on PS4 in 2018 real danger here getting... Urns in sight for red Orbs and swing across two more times ( hence the numerous lackeys running around Hercules! Thin out, but a well-executed combo can knock them momentarily off their feet exploit these opportunities to upon. Dead-End on the giant column of rock from its spot and drag into. 'S left to move on, all locations, and enter her surprisingly hollow innards found off to the point... Surprise there contain a plethora of red Orbs the special attacks, small minions also their... And counter his jumps to the pits of hell below and makes his rapid descent back into the minions.
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