Reily and Lachie patiently waiting for that bite. 1.5cm x 5 cm . Ordinary minced beef works really well but my mate mixes it with bread dough and swears that's more productive. We fished them at night and put out a chum of torn up stale bread. Here in hawaii we have monster mullets and they bite just about every thing you offer them here I like very thin sliced fish for them. Thanks for the tip. Does anyone use live fish for bait? Take some bread with you for bait. tom caullin i live at flacq....feel free to contact me on 9246829.i will show you a place where there is schools of mullet all day lonng, i have found the mullet are attracted to my tuna oil burley. Thanks. Ron's recent blog post: Los Vaqueros- 12/3/20, Where can they be found in water😉 😲 ☹️ 😲 😧 😎 👍 😁 😄 😃 😊 😊. Hook size? As slices from a fillet they are excellent bream bait. when i was younger my dad and uncle used to get a tick white elastic band sew the ends together to make a loop then tie a heap of small suicide hooks to some light line nout 3cm long then tie that to the elastic. you read and agreed to the, Tips for deciding which size and color hook to use, How to correctly bait your fishing hook with live bait. Try this but experiment and find what works for you. John’s local marina is teaming with mullet. ​Casting a net to the water to catch mullet is another helpful and simple method. This will give the fish a nice consistent trail to follow back to your position. This could also be cast over the shoal and retrieved. Usually fishing apart from other anglers and fishing in a totally different way. Fished 3 bobber rigs with about 4-6" snells hanging from them and caught them 2 & 3 at a time. I here in the San Francisco Bay Area and don't know your area. I use a 20' long pole with a sliding cork 15" to 30"from More recently perhaps over the past 10 years or so I … but they just come near the surface and go downward I was in cabo last week and caught a few huge mullet in the marina at night, im talking 18+ inches. the moulded bread will stay on the hook well enough for casting but turns to a nice soft mush that the mullet can suck in easily once it has been in the water a couple of minutes. Now fix fresh bread on either side of the plastic strip, using some fine elastic cotton. By entering this site you declare a coke bottle. Go to woolies and buy some home brand wheat germ, get about 2 cupfull of it and mix it with water in a bucket until its a thick paste, then flick it out into calm water, IE no use in a raging tide, this will have the mullet feeding and thick, then put out a very small hook with bread squeezed onto it under a small float, once around throw enough of wheat germ out to hold fish in area, also great for garfish. Dont forget you can fish on the bottom for them using a paternoster all tied with 6 pound line and bread or mackerel flesh bait. Register and share your fishing experiences. in the last 6 days I got 296 nice mullet silvers and blacks.I did use something different and it was like magic ,I used bacon fat ,what we call fatback salt pork, cut in small pieces and put them on a #6 or #8 hook with a bobber. Hi Jerry. We chum the water with old fashioned oats 1 large container mixed with a large container of garlic powder and enough water to make it stick. Here are the regulations for Florida. I press any soft white bread onto the eye end of the hook, above the prongs. Hi. Your main line is now fixed to the single hole and from the three bottom holes are fixed hooks at different lengths. No doubt you can catch these fish with a pole and bread. To start off try chucking in 2 full torn up slices then slow down. I sure you have lots more tips on catching fish. Because of the way mullets tend to … good luck!! Some bread center rolled between thumb and forefinger to make a flower and then threaded on the hook. Mullet fishing bait. you will find big mullet at trou-aux-biches use a small hook and float 6lb line and bread. hook -methode feeder packed with bread and bream attractor -i get a lot of mullet using bread flake-the tip is i allways put a small harbour rag on tje hook then cover with large flake bait 9 times out of 10 the feeding mullos bash the bread off the hook Hi Jerry. I fish them beneath strike indicators but unlike conventional bobber-lobbing, I make pinpoint casts. Happy fishing. use minced meat as bait. Incidentally the mullet we catch are yellow eyes mullet in no more than a few feet of water. Ok so here's how we do it in the Everglades. Going fishing for the first time? Sometimes they can be near impossible to catch,other days they really co-operate, An experienced eye can pick an expert mullet angler out from quite a distance. Another good way to Catch Mullet is Fly Fishing with The Bread Fly. Get a pinch from the bread and impale it in your hook, when you see the mullet, cast it ahead of the fish and reel it slowly towards the the tip of your rod and when it bend a quick reel should do the job. Bait the hooks with bread and slowly release into the current and through the shoal of feeding mullet. Catching mullet is like a passion for every fish catchers. I live in Florida,and this is the way I catch mullet. Have fun catching mullet but don't keep the really small ones. i have seen loads of mullet As table fare, they're a matter of taste. This is one of the most successful ways to fish for mullet using bread. When fishing for mullet is often used as a nozzle specially prepared white bread under the condition that a large amount of it is used for bait. Bread Flakes A simple flake of white bread is considered one of the most successful types of bait for attracting mullet fish. Hi Raiders, I recently bought a fishtrap - my home made effort was not that successful and want to use it to catch poddy mullet - I tried it the other weekend by the creek entrance at Patonga in around 1.5m of water and baited it with bread but after an hour it was untouched. Grey Mullet are a challenge especially so on the Fly. I have always found mullet very to catch. In need of some tips on fishing for sauger. I find them too fishy and oily, but, smoke them and you have a real treat on your hands. They stay on the bite as long burley is fed out and that needs to be sparingly. Bait And Groundbait There are many schools of thought when it comes to choosing a bait for grey mullet but there really is only one tried and tested winner – the white loaf. Then, you have to make sure that the tackle is appropriate. Small, thin wired hooks are best in my experience tied to 2-4lb line. I have used this successfully in Holland. You have to be patient. If bait, what kind? The real evidence is the landing net and the long thin rod. Even if you can’t catch the blighters, you get a great kick out of watching the long torpedo-shaped shadows slowly finning up to your bait, nicking a bit of the bread and then turning away. Goood Luck !!!!! They are fun & you will find using light gear you will get busted up,heaps of times,as large Mullet & other species just grab & run. I've only ever managed to get a couple in the cast net but usually accidentally. How do you use the tuna oil? I use a size #1 three prong hook. Use stall bread to attract them but don't over feed them. Not too much as to cover the whole area, just half a dozen pieces to start off with. From a design standpoint, my favorite mullet flies imitate dissolving bread. Mullet pecks from the surface, even on a crust of bread. What is the legal size for mullet? I use #10 to #14 wire hooks depending on the targeted size. The Large Bull Head Mullet are almost impossible to catch on a line,occasionally some will be caught on a Fly or Bait,mainly they are caught in nets. We put 1/2 this mix in the area we will fish to attract them. now take some chum in your hand and squeeze it on the spring. i use a Tenkara rod and have a ball. Tips for catching Mullet - when, Where, how? I catch them using bread.. Saltwater Reports - Estuary, Beach, Bay & River, Ausfish Fishing Australia, Australian Angling Forums Home Page, If this is your first visit, be sure to Jerking the rod in my experience have resulted to more missed fish. If so how do u make the traps ? It worked like a charm and I quickly started catching mullet almost at will. More mullet have been caught on bread than any other bait, so why bother confusing things. Dabblers eat it at fish fries, festivals, holidays, or at the few remaining mullet-serving restaurants. Here in Florida ,we can only catch 50 mullet a day. A former Workmate's Father,eats the small ones raw,(they are Kiwis) I use a quiver tip rod but any rod with a fine tip will do. as live bait they're second to none. Start with a burley trail of small pieces of bread, mostly the crusts which don’t make good baits. Catching Mullet with a Cast Net Get a cast net. Register as a member. Just wait. Wwlcome. Brian. I have been targeting mullet and getting obsessed about different ways to catching these guys. about 15 to 24 inches deep. while since I've fished for them. Just wondering how on earth can you catch poddy mullet ?, What size hook and type of bait are needed to catch mullet,, Wwhat bait do I use to catch a mullet fish in fresh water. How do i hook a live snake for fishing large mouth bass? Anything else I should know? a swivel and hook it to a small conical compression spring with two line with #8 hooks tied to the swivel inside the spring,2"& 3"hanging under the spring. Register and swap some stories. Hello Mullet are extremely shy. really suprised but they bit my bait catchers all night, along with lookdowns and a few lady fish. Can anyone give me some advice on catching walleye? Same here.. grab a piece of bread mash it into a ball and put it in the elastic loop lob it out and same as whitingkiller said they'd hook themselves while trying to eat the bread. The hook length needs to be 6lb fluorocarbon and anything between 3 and 5-feet. They are an oily Fish,& supposedly healthy as they contain Omega 3. Like a jack hammer. It is recommended to fish just below the surface, patiently luring the mullet to … If you’re fishing for mullet in a river, your options are much more diverse, with earthworms, maggots, bread paste and sweetcorn making good choices. This has led to experimentation with various dry and subsurface creations with vary degrees of success, but those that have been effective all have one thing in common, the colour chartreuse. Net. What is the best kind of bread to catch mullet? Almost every flesh eating fish eat mullet. Packed beads made from bread, aniseed flavored oil. I live in Mauritius too.. Bait? I never caught a mullet but I seen people use multiple hooks on line and was using white corn. We baited with fresh bread. Mullet fishing is a potentially huge and addictive way of fishing and I just hope this encourages you to set aside your long rods for something lighter. The only thing with using these outfits is … Catching mullet with bread. Hi, neat trick that works. I can't help you. What time of day is it best to try? What bait and where to place them ? Don't forget to bring these! You must berley with small pieces bread to get the Mullet “In the mood”. In what part of ga and fla. can i found mullet fish, What time of day should i cast net mullet in a weir in florida, When is the best time to catch mullet with a cast net, What kind of bait do you use to catch a mullet?:D. You could also use a rod and reel outfit. Welcome. Would safe me the trouble of looking for the next few years. At harvest time, you can see many fishing boats going after the mullet. Maybe one of our readers can be of help. Small crabs (soft-backed), shrimps and peeled prawns are also effective. They bite in a fast up and down motion. Choose, if possible, the oval-shaped bubble floats sliding this up the fluorocarbon leader or mainline and lock it in place. however it's been a Better to take a well-baked and the beginning of stale white bread flour with lots of gluten. Add a little water for casting weight, if needed. What is your method of catching them? They favour harbours, marinas, estuary creeks, jetties, breakwaters and piers. You don’t really need a lot to catch poddy mullet, it can be done with just a handline, small number 12 long shanked hook and some white bread. Catching this fish is a thriller game for some as it is very tough to catch. So, to increase your chance of catching mullet, you need to chum the water. Heat a piece of wire and pierce a hole in the top of the length, now pierce 3 x holes in the bottom of the length. Go to woolies and buy some home brand wheat germ, get about 2 cupfull of it and mix it with water in a bucket until its a thick paste, then flick it out into calm water, IE no use in a raging tide, this will have the mullet feeding and thick, then put out a very small hook with bread squeezed onto it under a small float, once around throw enough of wheat germ out to hold fish in area, also great for garfish. Its good for when the waters a bit choppy or the winds blowing a bit strong. As is mentioned above, try it with a bread-fly or use the inner part of fresh white-bread and sent of your spot with breadcrumbs the last you can buy ready made at Winners or SuperU. check out the. It’s cheap and very effective for mullet fishing. take only what you need - you'll catch heaps. Jeff Pearce shares his success with the bonefish of Britain. There are a couple of methods I have used, I use half a slice folded round the snood and size 12 hook (completely enveloping the hook) and squeezed up tight to make it sink or with some air left in it if I want it to float a bit. Jerking the rod in my experience have resulted to more missed fish. Welcome. then take a white 6" plastic worm,cut it into wafers that look like oatmeal put a piece on each hook covering the barb. i tried bread they just avoid it I use the method that I posted and I catch the limit every time A 9-12ft noodle or crappie rod with 4-6lbs line is recommended for casting the bubble float. liphooked. hi i`m from mauritius drop it in the water and have fun. ‘Ama‘ama can also be taken by hook and line using bread for bait although this is a dying art. Could you tell me where are more mullet to be found on Mauritius. I have heard of people using traps ? Most of the time you have to be patient and they must not see you while you are fishing..or else they will shy away and won't eat. But, do not worry since you can still use the line and hook. Small ragworms and tiny fresh fish strips, particularly mackerel, herring and pilchard work very well for catching mullet. They usually feed off the bottom so we fish deep. Small pieces of bread or even little pieces of styrofoam will work, too. And others are paying attention too. I live on the east side of the island in Flacq, but I have not seen them here at Belle Mare. When using a … Welcome,I don't live in the US,still I visualise Mullet to be Mullet,wherever you live. a swivel with 60cm of line to the hook is ideal. But mullet fishing can be very frustrating, just because you can see them doesn’t mean you can catch them. Then once you can see the mullet feeding either on the top water or just under it, throw your line with a small piece of either bread or dough into the feeding fish and then waiting for the fish to take it and then set the hook. Since mullet do not bite in the conventional matter, mullet anglers have perfected techniques and rigs suited for these frantic fighters. thanks for that i have caught them on bread befor and small baits and cast net.but never any real large ones like isaw inthe surf. Small hooks (say size 14 fly hooks), very delicate mouths. I recently moved to Mauritius and live here permanently now. Is it legal? chum: oatmeal&laying mash and flour,mix with a little water,to make it sticky. Get a pinch from the bread and impale it in your hook, when you see the mullet, cast it ahead of the fish and reel it slowly towards the the tip of your rod and when it bend a quick reel should do the job. Chum them in with pieces of bread or cooked grits (let em really thicken and toss em out). When is the season 2 mullet fish in jacksonville florida. Jerry,I have been fishing almost exclusively for mullets here in the Philippines.The response of Liphook is very informative. And you must never move when you have made your spot. An out going tide seems most productive. There is the game while catching this fish, ... You can prepare the water with soft bread piece or cat food which are soft, use this food in the water. Wait until the tip pulls over. Should you put bait on the hook when using a lure? what solution would you propose?? We throw them onto the bank. On a good day we catch 20-50 fish a piece on a bad day as low as 3! Thanks so much 😎. I don't use a float but a slice off a wine cork will do the job, cheap too. sometimes they'd pull in 2 or 3 30cm fish at a time! So, some families have kept right on catching and eating mullet. John managed to get them feeding and he boated a couple of thick lipped mullet but the only trouble with fishing in a marina is, you’re not the only one there! I have tried zillions of baits but the works the best is the white (center part) of a fresh baked sliced bread. There are many articles written here on mullet. Is this most the effective way ? shown to me by an old departed Fishing Mate,Firstly when you see them feeding, Just use the search function and key in mullet. Mullet are almost suicidal. what is the possesion limit for mullet? If they know or think you are there they will scatter away. I don’t like using traps and wanted to try something other than bread – not many options left. Like many I imagine, I have caught Mullet on a float rig with ground baited bread since a child, as well as a few on a baited spoon. Heateash. They seemed unable to resist something chartreuse floating at the surface. Aren't ther... Can you find mullet in small lakes, say near a jetty? You can find them under the surface of the water. But only so far, thanks to an indicator that I can adjust at will – depending on how deep the mullet are feeding, a factor that varies from just a few inches to a foot or more. Also you can Fly Fish,using a immitation Bread Fly,or the above Bait. let us no if you manage to get a few using any of the ways mentioned here! I use size 10 or 12 hooks on the finest traces I can handle. Mullet will chase a shiny hook or a hook with a scrap of bait. Mullet are big time bread eaters. Catching mullet on a hook however, can be a lot of fun as well as productive. Nets, lures, or bait? Cut a piece of clear plastic , from So my “bread fly” appears to be slowly dissolving as it sinks beneath the dimly-lit surface. As the bread drifts away try and space the pieces 3 to 4 meters apart. In the variant of fishing on the coast, sea worms and so on are more often used. I mostly fish near le Souffleur.. High or low tide? breaking the surface,use light line,a float a small hook,with a small piece of cotton wool covered in a Dough,made with Flour & water. Using a Bread Bag for Mullet – Science, Art or Philosophy? Here in the S F Bay Area, mullet is harvested commercially and the roe is sent oversea to Asia. The technique generally involves fishing from road side areas that allow access to shallow waters where mullet loiter. Mullet is caught on various baits of plant and animal origin, depending on local fish preferences. The best time for mullet fishing is during the incoming and outgoing tide of the new moon or last quarter. The chum bait will draw some mullet, and they will start feeding in the same area.
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