C LIFORNI ONLY: Perchlorate Material – special, See www.dtsc.ca.gov/hazardouswaste/perchlorate, This product is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from, defects in material and workmanship that effect product performance, for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase, provided, this warranty card is filled out and mailed within 10 days of the date, of purchase or you provide proof of purchase at the time of. It works fine. When I first started playing, I noticed others using these tuners with their very distinctive look. THIS LIMITED W RR NTY IS THE. 1 0 obj This compact tuner also works with mandolins, banjos, violas, ukuleles, flugelhorns - you name it! We LOVE these Snarks!. stream You can't just leave it sitting in front of you. Swallowing battery can lead to serious injury or, death. Even with that, I still believe that Stroboplus HD was the most useful, accurate and versatile tuner AND metronome at my home, especially if you don’t want to deal with software tuners. I was impressed that both tuners were showing identical tuning even down to the fluctuations as the note rang out. The tempo, can be adjusted in two ways – first by tapping on, the "T P-MET" switch at the desired tempo. The tempo can be adjusted either by tapping the switch at the side of the tuner, or with up/down buttons at the back of the tuner. It has 2 settings: Vibration and Mic (for Microphone). Use the MIC/VIB switch on the SN-2 to select, Guitar, : ] � � � � L � 2 � � $ 7 - { # r 3  X � / P . should phone collect (202) 625-3333. The, The tuner uses 1 CR2032 (3 volt) battery. This one is also from Snark. door closed until you feel a slight "click". The piece is very small, so I never found the piece of rubber.for the price, your better purchasing a Daddario/Planet Waves tuner(s). and can be used for all instruments including guitar. THIS LIMITED W RR NTY IS THE, PURCH SER'S EXCLUSIVE REMEDY ND LI BILITY FOR, INCIDENT L OR CONSEQUENTI L D M GES UNDER NY ND, LL W RR NTIES IS EXCLUDED TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY, L W. Warranty valid only in the US . D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner. Our top-rated Fender Tune iOS app just got a whole lot more powerful. could happen sometimes when you first turn on. To tune your instrument, simply play the string you’re trying to tune and the needle on the screen will move to tell you whether the string is sharp or flat. This, is activated by the "T P-MET" switch on the side, could happen sometimes when you first turn on, of the tuner. The SNARK has a built-in metronome, which is activated by a switch on the side of the tuner. On Snark SN8 Super Tight Tuner with metronome, black SN-8 share facebook twitter LinkedIn reconditioned product or refund the product's original purchase price, provided the defective product is returned beforehand postage and, insurance prepaid to Evets Corporation at the address below. The display can be difficult to read, especially from a distance. You can use the metronome and tuner simultaneously, which makes this tuner unique. Operation of, RISK OF FIRE, EXPLOSION OR BURNS. www.snarktuners.com Find Out More. You do have the tuner on the guitar, right? requesting warranty service. What you need is a Snark tuner comparison to help you along. Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner 4.7 out of 5 stars 21,391 # 1 Best Seller in Guitar Tuners. The All Instrument Tuner/Metronome has an extended frequency range for tuning all instruments. So, my current tuning gear includes Snark ST-8(B) Super Tight All Instrument Tuner, and a Boss Tuner app for iPad. The Snark (official listing) is a great little tuner with a bright display. I bought this not for the tuner, but because I needed a metronome. %PDF-1.4 of old batteries immediately. The Snark's tra—SVOSe feature is useful for tuned Tr,strurnents, such B' trumpet. THE BSOLUTE LIMIT OF EVETS' LI BILITY IS THE ORIGIN L. PURCH SE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT. The Snark is a very cool tuner that clips directly to your harp! Snark Tuners/Metronomes Without a doubt one of the best selling ranges of clip-on tuners in the world - accurate, easy-to-use and unobtrusive. WINGO Digital Metronome, Tuner and Tone Generator - 3 in1 Device(Black)-for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin-Battery Included 4.5 out of 5 stars 165. >> This. However, I had to give the tuner a try as well. This, seconds of no sound detected by the tuner. Tunes all instruments; fully chromatic. The Snark will calculate the tempo between two taps. Trusted BOSS quality in an affordable clip-on tuner. battery, or expose to high temperature or fire. It can also tune a bass as low as drop D. However if you go any lower than that it will struggle unless you use the harmonics. It’s got a ton of features including both a tuner and a metronome. I have the Snark tuner for guitar. endobj It combines a chromatic tuner and metronome in one device that clips onto the headstock of nearly any stringed instrument, providing instant-access convenience everywhere you play. Its full-color display makes tuning a breeze, and you can either use the input jack or built-in mic to tune. not carry loose batteries in pocket or purse. You may also have other rights which vary from state to, state – check your own state law for additional rights. Tune from a distance, by virtue of the ST-2's built-in microphone. Includes a handy and very flexible metronome. The All Instrument Tuner/Metronome has an extended frequency range for tuning all instruments. This Snark digital tuner is fantastic though. $10.99. In fact, this particular model has been a favorite of many guitar players for years now. << Keep any instrument in tune and stay on the beat with the Snark All Instrument Tuner/Metronome. NY IMPLIED W RR NTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCH NT BILITY ND FITNESS FOR, P RTICUL R PURPOSE, RE LIMITED TO THE DUR TION OF THIS, EXPRESS W RR NTY. Keep any instrument in tune and stay on the beat with the Snark All Instrument Tuner/Metronome. The Snark ST-2 chromatic tuner is great when you need to tune more than just guitar and bass. The metronome featur >> If you don’t love the tuner/metronome, you can return it risk free for a … Snark also makes a tuner specifically for Ukulele, but those can work with a guitar as well. This feature is not available right now. Do, Gibson is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitar Corp and. While using our ears to tune is advantageous in that it aids ear training and strengthens the bond with our beloved instruments, it’s not always practical and can slow down the process. To. Simply clip the small, light weight gadget on top end of guitar and twizzle it round (ball joint) to view the readout. One tap activates the metronome to a default setting of 100bpm, indicated by a flashing red heart on the front panel display. Cons. Easy to use. Keep any instrument in tune and stay on the beat with the SN-3 Console Guitar Tuner and Metronome. to make sure all functions are up to snuff. Brighter, easier to read display, faster response and extremely accurate. In US , doctor. In the event of a covered defect we will, at our option, repair or replace the defective product with a new or. So how well does it work? %���� The Snark Clip-on Guitar Tuner! The display will return to, normal brightness when a note is detected. << In, addition, the SN-2 has an internal microphone that can, be used for note detection in lieu of the vibration, sensor. The Snark tuner occasionally runs a "self test" The Snark has a built-in visual metronome which. I use it with acoustics, electrics, and a five-string bass, none of which have presented a problem for the Snark. Snark will calculate the tempo between two taps. Tap a regular rhythm on the button and the Snark remembers it, displays the BPM and flashes a heartbeat as a metronome. � R a h � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � _ m t � � � � � � � � � o � � � � � � � � � � � y � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � } � � � � � � � � n � Z � p [ F G > � � w b E % � e , Its full-color display makes tuning a breeze, and you can either use the input jack or built-in mic to tune. of the tuner. /Type/ExtGState To exit the, metronome function, simply press the power, The tuner display will dim after approximately, back side of tuner). Download today and get in tune. A Tighter Clip-on TunerThe most popular clip-on tuner and the best Snark yet! We’ve come a long way since the days of pitch pipes and tuning forks when we had to, God forbid, use our ears to tune our instruments! Snark’s ST-8 is deservedly popular, offering a sleek aesthetic and improved reliability at an affordable price. If no, notes are detected for 2 minutes, the tuner will, The Snark tuner occasionally runs a "self test", The Snark has a built-in visual metronome which, to make sure all functions are up to snuff. This is mainly due to their super-tight tuning option. Dispose, this product is permitted in US provided this product does, not cause harmful interference and provided this product. The plastic pylon looks to be flimsy, but I have yet to break it. $29.95 (Out of Stock) Risk-Free. Please try again later. Easy to use and highly recommended. If swallowed, see a doctor or visit hospital, emergency room immediately. ONLY EXPRESS W RR NTY PPLIC BLE TO THIS PRODUCT. So, below you will find a comparison of Snark Tuners, with a summary of the features, for your use in selecting the best model for you. M � � � v j + c � � " ( � s � q ` � � i � u Y � U J d l * Q T � 6 C f S H � 9 ; k @ \ �. This warranty does not cover batteries, casings, or damage, caused by accident or misuse. But not to worry, the self test lasts just a, default setting of 100 bpm, indicated by the flash-, few seconds and will return you to tuning mode, ing red heart on the front panel display. Save money on the SPARK tunder, please Click Here The New, Updated, Super Tight, ST2 Snark. It can accurately tune a guitar from standard to drop C without any problems. Basically, you should know what notes the various strings should be tuned to, and then the tuner will help you to ensure its set to the right one. They are known to be a crowd-favorite as they provide a lot of different tuning options than a standard tuner at a competitive price range. The Snark Super-Tight ST-2 is the newly upgraded version of the SN2 that we've been selling for years. is activated by the "T P-MET" switch on the side. The tempo can be adjusted in two ways – first by tapping on the “TAP-MET” switch at the desired tempo. The SN-5 is a basic tuner without a metronome and without the ability to changer the 'A' reference frequency, so verify your requirements before you order. The, replacement product is warranted for the balance of the existing, warranty. The, SN-2 is able to detect an extended frequency range. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPRESS W RR NTY.