Set up this rig with live bait and circle hooks for best results. Are you an inshore saltwater angler? People come to Florida from all over the world to catch a snook. You have to be confident in your knowledge about baits so that you can select the best one. There is something about having your feet on the sand and pole in your grasp. How to Catch Redfish With Live Bait. White Bait, Pinfish, and Shrimp are my go-to baits when it comes to catching big redfish fishing Florida's various estuaries. Browse more videos. From oversized minnows to sea cat’s, snook are not particularly over-finicky eaters, yet there are certain baits that are like surf and turf for the ambitious predators. All you have to do is use this bait, and the rest of the work will be done by the jig itself! Snook Bait. Follow. You can target them with bait or lures. Snook Jigs are easy to learn how to use and will save time that would have been wasted catching live bait. Just toss a live pinfish over by the shore and under mangrove trees to prompt an explosive bite. Hook – your hook size should match the size of your bait. See All How to Fish Content. This rig is best used to catch snook fishing off piers, the beach, bridges, or for fishing flats. Snook enjoy a varied diet of small freshwater and saltwater creatures, which gives you many options to use for live bait. By tail-hooking mullet and pegging them to the bottom with a weight, you can keep the mullet in the strike zone and keep them moving to attract big snook, redfish, and trout. And when they’re not eating each other, that doesn’t mean they go hungry. Live shrimp, live pilchards, live mullet, and live sardines can all work depending on where you are fishing. Peter Deeks! What you need for this rig: 1/0 to 4/0 Circle Hook; Want more tips about how to catch fish with live bait? How to catch a snook fishing Florida We will cover many different scenarios covering how to catch a snook in Florida waters. They’re just pure power! Popping cork – this allows your bait to drift and does not have rattles, which may shock bigger fish like snook. Snook respond well to live and artificial bait, but generally it’s ideal to use artificial lures during wintertime and live bait during the summer. What is the best way to catch snook? We’ll cover them by … Report. I've caught everything from barracuda and snapper to stingrays and pompanos at these places. I have tried: DOA shrimp, (glo-white, gold glitter, root beer colors), DOA deadly combo, artificial crab, Top water Rapala, Gold Spoon, jig, pretty much everything I have except a live shrimp. Your local tackle shop will likely only stock live baits to suit the species common to the local waters. how to catch Snook. That's right. Ok here's a little background info. They just won't bite anything. It’s a snook-eat-snook world, if you will. Fishing methods include trolling or casting artificial lures or still fishing with live baits like sunfish, mullet, shrimp, crabs, or other small fish. They'll even come up and look at the bait. Fishing with live bait allows you to catch a wide variety of fish. These baits seem to perform the best especially during the start of the season. Sharp live bait hook is placed into freeline bait. Snook are one of the most popular inshore saltwater species in Florida. I normally fish inshore from a inlet dock or beach pier. Bucktail Jig is a very attractive bait for snook. How to Catch Snook on the Beach in Florida. They very are delicious. The right bait or lure? ... Snook are willing takers of many types of lures and many different types of live bait. There are a few things at work here. When tying this rig use about 12-18 inches of line between the hook and the swivel. They are very fun to catch and they can get very big too. Snook fishing Florida is a dynamic environment where big fish await. 1/0 is a decent all around hook size. You can also use live pinfish or grunts which you can catch yourself with a small hook setup or a sabiki rig, or simply buy some live shrimp. Fishermen come from all over the world to learn how to catch a snook either for sport or for the dinner plate. Conclusion. This is because the bait becomes live underwater and attracts the fish even from a large distance. Snook: How to Catch the Elusive Species with Live Bait. Live bait fish such as pinfish, grunts, croakers, mullet, threadfin herring, and scaled sardines are all effective live baits for snook. It is easy to catch snook on live bait, but it can be somewhat challenging catching snook on artificial baits and jigs. They are very aggressive predators that will strke hard and fight hard. Snook Baits Depending on where you are fishing and what is in the area a variety of baits will work. Shrimp, especially, can be a great snook bait when used around bridges, lights and shorelines. Snook love a wounded shrimp or baitfish. The best bait for snook include pilchards, herring, and sardines which you can usually catch with a cast net. Taking the Bait When we talk about bait, we are talking about the redfish bait, but also the bait used to catch the bait. This is … Then you’ve got to tune into this LIVE podcast episode with Capt. You simply realize it is a Snook and the battle is on. Here’s a quick like of good baits for snook. Capt. Love catching redfish, snook, speckled trout, flounder, and grouper (but hate always have to rely on live bait)? Snook have been known to strike and consume just about any kind of bait you can imagine. While we prefer live bait, if you are an accomplished artificial bait … _____ *2019 "Fishing with Luiza" CALENDARS for SALE. And, if you wanted to learn more about how to catch snook with live bait, there is probably nobody better qualified and more willing to share everything they know about the species … However, the selection of baitfish is often meager or non-existent, which ain't good news. Snook Fishing is one of the best types of fishing. Peter is sharing his exact blueprint of how to go out and catch monster snook and trout early in the spring with his “live bait management” technique. One of the coolest, and probably easiest methods of catching snook is with live bait. To consistently catch bigger snook, try using mullet in the 10 to 12 inch range. What we do in this In The Spread fishing video is show you how to catch snook using live bait. How to Catch Snook on the Beach in Florida. However, I was armed with one simple shortcut that allowed me to have a great morning full of snook and redfish. Join me in Jupiter, FL for an action packed morning of snook fishing! As with most bait fishing it's usually best to catch some bait near the area you will be fishing. However, selecting the ideal live bait for snook isn’t always that easy to determine so it’s often best to catch a few different types to see which one gets the most action. The size and type of bait will also help determine which species you catch. For snook, finger mullet in that 4 to 5 range will get a lot of bites because the bait is small enough for the smaller snook and some bigger snook will also eat the bait. I’d argue that it’s none of those things. Snook are extremely smart fish, and they’ll fight like nobody’s business. The use of circle hooks allows your catch to be less wounded and increase its survival rate if you plan to release them. #1 Flat Lined (Weightless Rig) If you are fishing braid as your mainline I would not advise fishing anything less than 40Lb Bullbuster braid! Though you don’t need a kayak or other small boat to catch snook, you can cover a lot more area and increase your chances on finding snook hiding out close to the banks. Pinfish are one of the most common bait fish used for a variety of inshore and offshore saltwater species.