He can chat with his friends in the chatrooms and struggle to keep his Boonies family happy. Just like the original game, ToonTown Rewritten is set in a beautiful ToonTown, the house of beautiful and goofy Toon characters. This game is specially designed for the children of ages 5 to 12 and provides with different safety options as Safe Chat and different kinds of data filtering techniques. The player will experience the mini-games to unlock tips and hints to assist the player in his search. Defend yourself from various wild animals and attack them to take down them. Immerse yourself in a vivid and exciting anime world! Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. The game becomes challenging, as the player advanced. Herotopia offers exciting features, addictive gameplay, and brilliant mechanics. In the game, the player can customize his avatar and his living spaces as well as communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items and accessories. With a rate of the highest growing Horse and Virtual World Simulation, Star Stable has a player base of millions. The gameplay of Star Stable is simple. It takes place in the fantasy-based world and includes hundreds of horses to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the virtual world where the player can create his/her unique character and socialize. Fantasy Forest Story is an Adventure and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Storm8 Studios for Android. MLP Key Crusaders. The social elements of the game allows the players to interact with each other by online chat sessions, hang out virtually with all the like-minded people and make loads of new friends from almost every corner of the world. Fortune Cookie. Dragon Marked For Death is a side-scrolling 2D action RPG that can played solo or with up to four players in local or online multiplayer. In the game, the player has the freedom to do whatever and whenever he wants. 20 Games Like Pony Town (TBA) ROSE Online. Club Penguin Island includes core features such as Social Paradise, Fashion element, Quests and Surprises, Thriving Community, and more. Pet Society developed by Playfish and Electronic Arts (EA) was a beautiful Social Networking and Virtual World Simulation for all the Pet Lovers around the globe. They live in the city of Pandaemonium under the rule of the Shedim Lords. Once the initial steps are taken, you can go adopt a beautiful goat and take care of that as your pet. Do give it a try, SecretBuilders is fun playing. The game takes place in the Great Barrier Reef and serves as the sequel to Odell Lake. Goatlings is a marvelous game to play and enjoy. MLP 3D Creator. Pony Town is a great social game, but sometimes you get stuck on what to do. Odell Down Under is a Side-scroll, Educational, and Single-player Survival Simulation developed and published by MECC. About how much Online Platforms for Children do you know about? To get into the world, you have to assume the role of the animals.Through customization option, you can change the appearance of your animal. A wonderful aspect of Marapets is that it allows you to teach different musical instruments to your Marapets and if you are a musician in the real world, this would be so wonderful feeling for you. Interact with other animals, play with them and earn coins by completing different tasks. Attend school and university to find better paid job. The game allows you to enjoy the cute animals and other online players that keep the virtual world alive. The game serves as the successor to Club Penguin and offers the similar gameplay to its previous title. Interact with other players, chat them with and team-up to survive together. Invite his friends to show off his well-decorate home, or visit his friend’s home. The Toontown is attacked by the nasty Cogs who want to take over by turning all the Toons into Cogs and by converting the Toon buildings into the Cog buildings. Your task is to simply start learning the ways of the Wolves by hanging out in your birth Pack. The objective of the player was to decorate his home using different furniture, and items. In the future, we hope to expand it into a proper sandbox MMORPG game focused on farming, crafting, exploring the world and building houses and towns with other players. Do try it out, Star Stable is fun to play. Franktown Rocks helps kids learn a lot of new things and enjoy everything they do in a beautiful virtual world. Defend your world from monsters and take down them to win amazing rewards. The pony in the screenshot is my OC Sweet Note. Franktown Rocks lets the players play various mini-games, complete a number of quests, make music, watch your favorite videos, drive all kinds of vehicles, buy and raise pets, dress them up in beautiful costumes and add and decorate various types of rooms. The Game For All Ponies! Cihimpoo is a great game to play. With a compelling storyline, addictive gameplay, and wonderful graphics, Monster High: New Ghoul in School is the wonderful game to play. With a huge online community, lots of fun activities, cool avatar customization options and bundles of purely learning content, this game is quite fun to play and enjoy. Hire heroes, build an army, prevail in battles and try to keep your empire intact in the face of grave danger. Pora Ora is a wonderful Educational and Social platform that provides with MMORPG characteristics and allows the players to roam freely in multiple uniquely themed Virtual Worlds and engage themselves into the most epic educational and societal activities. Choose from four playable characters (Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, or Witch) and defeat your enemies to gain experience and level up. The ultimate tasks it to care for your horse by treating, feeding and grooming it. PLEASE PURCHASE TREE OF LIFE ONLY IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT IT. 29. Art Pad. Despite all the brilliant things this fantastic Virtual World game provided with, the game lost a huge chunk of player base due to some undisclosed reasons and the company closed the game servers in 2010. This is how that your character's suppose to look like. Meeting and interacting with new people and the way you would engage on the platform would be entirely your prerogative. So many customers, so little time! Animal jam offers beautiful game world, a secured and safe portal for all the age restricted audience, a great portal to interact with people from around the world and make new friends online. Exploring the massive Ice Castle, shopping items from the markets, dressing up the bears in all kinds of trendy attire and meeting the creators of the beautiful characters are all the great and fun activities in which the players can engage themselves and have a great time playing this beautiful virtual world game. Do try it out and enjoy the ultimate ToonTown Online like experience. FlutterPack. These in-game items can then be used to customize the appearance of the players owned Horses, develop and boost their skills and change their life cycle, as per the player choices. The game offered playability on Facebook only. Tree of Life will be improved continuously. MiniMonos, developed by Melisa Clark Reynolds in collaboration with Greg Montgomery and published by MiniMonos LLC is an online virtual world and an MMORPG video game specially designed for children of ages 6 and above. Interact with other players, join their partiers, level-up to gain new abilities and embark yourself on epic adventures for special rewards. Fishao or Fish Always Online is a cool Community based MMORPG video game that allows you to enjoy fishing in a virtual world environment. Goatlings lets you socialize with other online players, make new friends and engage in different fun filled activities together. In the game, you act as a fish with a task to manipulate the land, must eat, stay clean, and avoid being eaten by the predators to survive as long as possible. 61 9 9 11 1 6 2 1 1 2 1 1 #1 Pet Society. The game is set in the world of Jamaa and it allows the player to go through various ecological environments. With time, enough Daevas rose to form an army. The Wrath of the Goddess expansion is now live! The land Jipang is very similar to medieval Japan, and during your adventure you'll also visit Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries. That being said if I find that any of the custom servers on this list use their custom servers for nefarious purposes, I will remove it. Do try it out if you love playing Virtual World games and you’ll definitely love it. A Tale in the Desert includes a prominent feature such as Different Factions, Research, Tests, Skills, and more. Moshi Monstrs offers its own unique Economy System that allows you to earn Rox, Virtual Currency by playing and winning games, communicating and interacting with other online players and by organizing and beautifying your personal rooms. With cool character customization and selection options, amazing quests and adventures, ability to interact and socialize with other online players, a lot of educational games and puzzles to learn new things and broaden up your learning, Children safe environment and a lot of other exciting things, Pora Ora is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. You are the Harbinger, a skilled warrior who exists outside of time. We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. In short, this game is all about you taking care of the sweet virtual pets. Do give it a try and enjoy the ultimate Virtual fun. Feral Heart is a brilliant Wildlife and RPG Simulation that lets you be a Lion, explore the game world and be part of the nature and enjoy being the King of the Jungle. You can buy decorations, new outfits, and other items using your XP points. You'll receive points as you level up that can increase your attack power, defense, agility, and other parameters. Show More Games apps my little pony: color by magic. Pony Town - The New MLP Online Game . At the initial stages, the game allows the players to select the avatar and its gender, customize it with the help of all the available options such as change face types, hairs, eyes, dressings, etc. Once registered, they can select a dog breed, move to a piece of land, build their own beautiful Kennel and let the dog live there in peace. Twilight Celebration Game. We do not implement these annoying types of ads! Cogs can attack the Toons and damage them by targeting and Signature Cog Attacks. so are you ready and up for the task? During the gameplay, the player can conduct several tests, required the player to with buddies, while some tests are accomplished on his own. The Sims 3: Pets includes key features such as a variety of Adoptable Pets, Embark on Adventures, Pets can Learn Skills and more. Five Empyrean Lords, most of whom opposed the peace treaty, came to power in the dark part of the world, "Asmodae," and became known as the Shedim Lords. If I livestream on Pony Town what should I do? Every Cog Attack depends on two most important things, the Type of the Cog and the Level of expertise of the Cog. MMO Virtual Horse Hidden Object Sport Farm Action Solitaire Mahjong Slots and Bingo Poker Anime Virtual Reality MMO Apps. Fantasy Forest Story includes prominent features such as Unique Animation, 9 Regions, Leaderboard, Community Prizes, Expand the Island, and more. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua. Furry Paws lets the players interact with each other via secure chat sessions, take part in forum-based community discussions, build guilds or be part of other players’ guilds and talk to other dog owners. You as you avatar can get into the game world and play different games, solve puzzles, make friends and engage in different fun filled activities to enjoy. With a huge player base of 2.5 million, a huge community and loads of exciting things to do, Franktown Rocks is a fun Virtual World Simulation for all the sweet kids around the globe.