Please refer to our, VKool - Health, Fitness, Beauty, News, Lifestyle Magazine. Gallstones are small and they are made of cholesterol from the gallbladder. The dose was 2 grams daily. Some of the most compelling research is highlighted below. Helps Fight Cancer. Also, hair loss can appear when your age is older and you can use black seeds oil to prevent and treat this issue. Cleanse Parasites . Black seed benefits According to the earlier researches black seeds resulted in 52 percent decrease in tumor cells, which reduces the risk of cancer. Nigella seeds are also called black seeds or black cumin seeds. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your children. Historically, black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms.It has also been used for “pink eye” (conjunctivitis), pockets of infection (abscesses), and parasites. Incorporating the unprocessed seeds into dishes and skin products is the safest way to use black seed oil. While you can chew on the seeds, you can also use them to brew a cup of healing tea: Pour a cup of hot water into a cup. If you choose a product with individual packaging, follow the recommended dose — usually a daily intake of about 1 to 2 teaspoons. //