Share yours for free! During European Resuscitation Council (ERC) BLS/AED Provider courses, certified instructors will guide and support you in the learning process. Mitosis & DNA Replication. Chap 7 Taxonomy . * Characteristics of Living Things Living things display organization. The cell is the basic unit of all living things. Cell Structure & Function . Nov 27, 2020 - Life Processes (Chapter 6) - PPT, Class 10 Science Class 10 Notes | EduRev is made by best teachers of Class 10. Life Processes The basic functions performed by organisms to maintain their life on Earth are called life processes. Basic life support (BLS) and, when possible, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) is the first level of care for a person in cardiac arrest. All living things are composed of one or more cells containing DNA (the hereditary material) that function in an organized way. Learn new and interesting things. 1.4 Characteristics of Life •Objectives –List and describe the major characteristics of life The Six Basic Life Processes Metabolism Responsiveness Movement Growth Differentiation Reproduction •1. Mitosis & Genetics. CBSE Class 10 Science Revision Notes Chapter 6 Life Processes All living things perform certain life processes like growth, excretion, respiration, circulation etc. Chap 7 Living Things part 1 . Comments (-1) genetic disorders & diseases.ppt. ... LIFE PROCESSES Living things THE SEVEN LIFE PROCESSES 1 Slide 10 2 Slide 12 3 Slide 14 4 Slide 16 5 Slide 18 6 Slide 20 7 Slide 22 The seven life processes Use the first letter from each process to … i) Nutrition : is the process of taking food by an organism and its utilization by the body for life processes. NCERT CBSE Chapter 6 Download in Pdf Life processes – The processes that are necessary for an organism to stay alive. Life Processes Notes. Author: Molly Wehlage Created Date: 04/23/2015 07:38:43 Title: PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Darryl Edmisson Company: State of Tennessee: Finance & Administration View Life Processes Class 10 PPTs online, safely and virus-free! Many are downloadable. Nutrition,respiration, etc. This document is highly rated by Class 10 students and has been viewed 41045 times. Nutrition Autotrophic Nutrition It is the mode of nutrition in which organisms synthesise their own food from simple inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide. The basic functions performed by living organisms for their survival and body maintenance are called life process. ... Energy is the ability to do work and is required for all life processes. Cell Structure and Function Notes ... inheritance basic ppt.ppt. Life Processes Class 10 Notes Biology . Metabolism –The sum of all chemical processes that occur in the body. Respiration › Excretion › Plants and animals use various ways to get rid of the waste materials from their body. All cells come from existing cells. The basic life processes are nutrition, respiration, transportation, and excretion. Eg. Excretion › Nutrition › Nutrition is the process by which living things get or make food. Photosynthesis & Respiration . Protein Synthesis . Life Science PowerPoint Presentations Here are the PowerPoint Presentations & a few Flash files available for most of the chapters: Cell Structure & Function. The cell is the basic unit of life. This process is called excretion. Criteria of life- (i) Growth (ii) Movement Nutrition-The process in which an organism takes in food, utilizes it to get energy, for growth, repair and maintenance, etc. ii) Respiration : is the process by which food is burnt in the cells of the body with the help of oxygen to release energy. Comments (-1) DNA Fingerprinting. This process, which is called respiration, can be done using the gas oxygen. Get ideas for your own presentations. Comments (-1) Cell Structure and Function Notes.